Crowd Funding

Crowdfund Marketing For Entrepreneurs And Inventors

Why CrowdFunding?


Launching any new business venture can be risky. Crowdfunding is no different –  you’ll need a group of experts who can guide you to help maximize your chances of success.  

Our Crowdfund Marketing strategies have been developed and designed to help you raise funding and to get you the exposure you need with your specific target market, all while creating recognition for your product or brand.

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We Will Help You Launch Your Business Idea Today


  • Idea Evaluation: Discover your business idea’s crowdfunding potential with the help of our team. We help you determine how much your idea can raise, the costs to launch, and estimated results.
  • Launch Strategy: We work closely with you to create a custom launch strategy to achieve your objectives. We help you determine which crowdfunding platform is best suited for your business, the associated marketing budgets required, and a realistic timeframe to hit your goals.


Everything You Need To Succeed With Crowdfunding & Your Product Launch

 Product Launch Strategy

  • Branding & Marketing Consulting
  • Pre-Launch & Full Launch Plan
  • Crowdfunding Video Production
  • Crowdfunding Page Setup
  • Performance Advertising
  • Post Funding E-Commerce Strategy

We work with Entrepreneurs like you who want to tap into the power of crowdfunding. 

The next million-dollar campaigns are coming out of your office.

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Here’s what we’ll discuss in your FREE consultation:

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  We’ll also answer most of the common questions that people have:

  • “How much do I need to invest in marketing?”
  •  “Can my idea even be crowdfunded?”
  •  “How much can I raise from my idea?”
  •  “What marketing budget should I have?”
  •  “What will I give people who fund my project?”


Let’s face it, video is now dominating the internet and especially YouTube and Facebook. Here at Digital Marketing Experts, we can help provide you with any kind of marketing video for your website, social media sites or e-commerce store. We can also advise you on the type of video that would best suit your requirements and we are happy to work with you until you are fully satisfied.

Media Outreach

Our media relations expertise consists of trustworthy and professional connections to a wide variety of local, regional and national print, television, radio and online media outlets. Together we will evaluate your target audiences, determine your strongest news angles and develop and execute a specialized media outreach plan.

Lead Generation/ Viral Marketing

We understand how consumers shop – We’ve built integrated campaigns that turn clicks into customers.

We also love using word-of-mouth viral giveaways to expose your brand to much larger audiences!


Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising solutions from Digital Marketing Experts are designed for businesses that want us to manage their ads with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Pinterest more efficiently. Digital Marketing Experts’ in-house experts help companies reach their goals by providing full-range PPC services.




One of the main benefits of using conversational interfaces is that you can engage with your users wherever they are. The rise of messaging platforms means you can reach your customers through Facebook Messenger, Wechat or SMS.

Being able to provide information or sell products on a familiar channel means you can meet the needs of your users in new ways and increase satisfaction. It’s often a better solution for your users than trying to get them to install another mobile app.

Planning to launch your next big idea on Kick-starter or Indiegogo? We can help you turn your idea to a winning crowdfunding campaign and help you launch a profitable business.

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