Mobile – SMS – Marketing

Customers want convenience. you want savings. grant both wishes with the entire communication channel:
SMS messaging. open new opportunities for interaction and be more accessible to your customers. lower your expenses and raise your customer experience by adding messaging to your brand.

  • Audience response system
  • Live polling in the here + now
  • Engage any sized audience, anywhere in real time
  • Without hardware or mobile applications
  • Customer communication
  • Connecting with text messaging

With most consumers are communicating via text, adding this communication channel is no longer a luxury but a business essential.

  • Achieve customer convenience and competitive advantage by interacting with customers through two-way, conversational text messaging.
  • Receive exactly what you need to start texting with your customers, from customized solutions to existing system integration, to an out-of-the-box stand-alone solution.
  • Get started within 24-hours by text-enabling your existing toll-free and business phone numbers.
  • Enjoy fast, reliable customer communication with our secure, enterprise-grade connections that link you anywhere in North America and around the globe.

1. Create

Choose what type of campaign you want, name it, choose a keyword, write your message and preview it before making it live.

2. Integrate

Integrate your SMS campaigns within your current print and display ad efforts! Just include your keyword and number to text in your ad.

3. Engage

What was once a boring advertisement has now become a personal, interactive tool to engage your customers right away in real time.

4. Analyze

Ready to see if you’ve hit your marketing target? Our easy-to-use analytics system allows you to view detailed campaign reports!


How TextLab boosts your business

the benefits of TextLab amplify the power of your marketing campaigns. read on to discover how.

Engage your audience

TextLab DRM marketing campaigns get customers communicate with your brand directly via the most personal communication channel – text messaging.

Generate leads

every direct response marketing campaign respondent is a potential customer for your business. integrate customer information into your CRM for easy tracking and follow-up.

Reach more customers

Text has 95% open rate, compared to 15% for email newsletters. close the media gap created by using only online and traditional media methods to reach your audience.

High-impact text distribution list

email lists are good, but texting takes you to the next level. TextLab allows you to generate a secure mobile marketing list for effective marketing that truly builds your business.

Measure offline conversions

stop wondering how many people saw your ad or read your flyer. engage viewers and trace them back to each media to discover which format is most successful.

Get personal

texting is private. communicating with your customers via SMS establishes a more intimate relationship, building familiarity and trust generating more business.

Reach 100% audience

some customers prefer email, others favor a phone call, and youth likes texting. adding text to your marketing ensures you are hitting all customers’ preferred modes of communication.

Lower cost – high ROI

TextLab text messages cost you pennies to send with a creation of extensive marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost compared to the cost of just one official campaign.

DRM in a box

being the only direct response marketing software that offers 9+ SMS, MMS and voice campaigns in one place, TextLab is the only tool you’ll ever need for your marketing needs.

Top reasons why you are still

Missing on messaging services

With rapid technological developments, customers have new applications at their fingertips each day. it is essential to apply the tech they are using to keep communication lines open successfully. many businesses are not, due to the following common misconceptions about the use of SMS applications.

  • Messaging is spam. customers won’t like it.

This is true – if you slam your clients with one-sided conversations promoting your products without permission. but, what if your clients want to ask you a quick question via text, but you can’t answer because your system doesn’t have that capacity?

  • It’s old technology.

It is old, but certainly not outdated. over 97% of people use it to communicate with their peers every day. this “old” technology offers the advantage of being well-established, with nearly everyone knowing how to use it and requiring no preconditions (such as apps).

  • Messaging can be expensive.

Not anymore! messaging used to be the privilege of large corporations due to its excessive cost. with today’s developing technologies, text messaging is now available to any SME at competitive rates. check out this article to learn more.

  • We don’t have time, information and resources to implement and maintain.

We do! Digital Marketing Experts can integrate messaging systems into your existing helpdesk or POS and provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep costs low.